For Stranded Travellers In Bali, This Is What You Need To Know

Tens of thousands of travellers are stranded on the Indonesian island of Bali due to flight cancellations this week as Mount Agung continues to spew columns of ash in what authorities warn could be a precursor to the first major eruption in 53 years.

The country’s National Disaster Mitigation Agency has raised the alert level to its highest, ordered 100,000 residents living near the volcano in eastern Bali to evacuate, and imposed a 10 km exclusion zone around the crater.

Ash clouds have caused airport closures for periods in Denpasar, the main airport in Bali, and in the nearby island of Lombok, resulting in flight disruptions including suspension of flights by carriers such as Singapore Airlines, KLM, and budget airlines Scoot and Air Asia.

Know What You Are Covered For

Visitors with travel insurance can take some relief knowing that they may be covered for the inconvenience and costs of staying on the island longer than planned. If you have bought travel insurance, it is essential that you are familiar with its terms, conditions, limits and exclusions. ERGO’s travel insurance (ERGO TravelProtect) covers any irrecoverable financial losses in case of flight cancellations and delays triggered by such events. These may include financial losses from accommodation, tours and activities that you had prepaid before the start of your trip.

Delayed travellers are often accommodated at hotels when it looks like they will be in for a long wait due to cancelled flights. Sometimes an airline will bear the accommodation expense out of goodwill. If not, you may be able to claim this through your travel insurance.

Keep all notifications of delays, cancellation from the airline/carrier, receipts for expenses incurred during stranding. You’ll need them in case you can claim on your travel insurance.

It is important to note thatvinsurance policies are generally meant to cover “unforeseen events” and any coverage is subject to its terms and conditions.

If you are stranded in Bali, stay in touch with your airline to find out when flights will resume. They may have alternative transportation options to get you out of the island. You should monitor news reports, follow the advice from local authorities and stay outside the exclusion zone. Countries like Singapore and Britain have set up consular services at Denpasar airport to assist their nationals.

If you are unclear about your travel insurance coverage or need assistance, contact your emergency assistance provider. ERGO TravelProtect customers can reach our 24-hour emergency hotline at +65 6238 9909 or email They are there to support you.

Travellers want peace of mind when they are away from home. As a traveller with a travel insurance policy, you can be assured that you are covered during unexpected incidents that may incur financial losses.

** As always, we recommend that you read your Policy Wording so that you know the ins and outs of the kinds of scenarios for which you can claim.

Policy owners are advised to take note of the following:
1. The policy owner may wish to seek advice from an A&H insurance intermediary before purchasing the policy.
2. In the event that the policy owner chooses not to seek advice from an A&H insurance intermediary, he should consider whether the type of policy in question is suitable for him; and
3. In the event that the policy owner decides that the policy is not suitable after purchasing the policy, he may terminate the policy in accordance with the free-look provision, if any, and the insurer may recover from the policy owner any expense incurred by the insurer in underwriting the policy